Why Install Double Glazed Windows at Home?

3 min readAug 7, 2019

If you are looking to renovate the house or planning to sell it, window replacement is one of the smartest ideas to enhance the value of your home. Upgrading your windows with trendy and energy-efficient double glazed windows is the best option due to several reasons. Double glazing windows are made of two layers of glass with a layer of inert gas sealed between them. A minimum space of 12mm is recommended for optimum thermal performance and different glasses are used such as low-e and laminated in double glazing units. Double Glazing windows provide many benefits to homeowners which cannot be ignored.

Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

1. Insulation- Double glazing windows provide better insulation than the traditional glazing. The double glazed windows provide a better barrier, and therefore reduce the amount of heat transfer from your house to the cold outer air. This makes your house retain the heat gained from the sun during the day. These windows does not allow sun rays or heat penetrate through windows .The better insulation provided by double glazed windows ensures that your house remains warmer in winters and cooler in summers.

2. Noise Reduction- Double glazing windows avoid noise coming from outside entering your house as they provide better insulation for noise compared to single glazing. These types of windows are great especially if you live in a noisy neighborhood or busy market. Double glazing windows provide a quiet and peaceful environment away from the loud and busy world outside and also prevent noise going outside the house.

3. Security- Double glazed windows are harder to break and more durable than single glazed windows. It is also difficult to open them from outside, which makes hard for thieves to get into the house. If you wish to increase the security, you can add laminated and toughened glass. Installing these windows allows you to rest in the knowledge that no one can break into your home easily.

4. Energy Bills- Double glazing windows allow your house to retain most of the heat from the sun. The insulated house need not require much heat during winter months and in summers your house will remain cooler where you do not need to use air conditioner quite often. This helps you with much lower energy and consumption bills.

5. Aesthetics- Double glazing windows increase the appeal of your house and can be fitted without compromising on the original look and feel of the house. Although it is a bit expensive than single glazing, it ensures that you get maximum benefits out of this and contribute to worldwide environment conservation efforts.

Some reputed double glazing installers in Woodford offer reasonable prices and best quality services. Employ a double glazing installer in the area and a qualified contractor who will be able to give a great look and appeal to your house. Make sure that you employ a certified and experienced company that uses good materials and complete the work within time.