Three Front Door Ideas for Having a Beautiful Entrance

3 min readMar 5, 2019

One of the first things that any guest, visitor, passerby or even neighbor notices about your home is the front door. Having a sturdy and classic front door design is all about making a strong impression on everyone and having added security from intruders as well. To make that happen, you will find many reputed front door suppliers in Brentwood who are specialized in designing customized front doors. They will provide you with a professional who would not only take the measurement for the door but also help you in coming up with the latest as well as appealing design to compliment your exterior.

In this blog, we will discuss a few ideas and trends which will help you in improving your home’s curb appeal. So, let’s take a look.

Metal Front Door

To have an artisanal look that’s not only cozy but contemporary too, you should choose a metal front door. These days, distressed black steel door with bronze handle is becoming a very popular option although copper or stainless steel front door will always be a trendy and fashionable option for you. Apart from this, wood and steel door design can also be a great option for customization that can go with nearly any home style.

Glass Front Doors with Glass Side Panels

A glass door allows more light into the entryway. You can even convert an existing double door design into a standard front door size with a glass side panel. This way you will also save money on purchasing a larger or double door. Some mirrored glass side panels can also be installed next to a glass door or even a wood door for assuring privacy and convenience as the homeowner can see everything out but passersby can’t see inside. Such doors are highly suitable for homes with less space as they make the entrance appear larger virtually.

Steel Atrium Doors

Looking for a chic-style door to adorn your exterior? Many front door suppliers also provide you with the option of installing steel atrium doors. The black steel grid and glass design door can upgrade to any style you want. For ultimate flexibility, you can even go for a steel atrium pivot door that glides back and forth on a track. To offset the sharp angular lines of a contemporary home, you may also go with a custom curved steel atrium front door. This would surely impart a modish appeal to the exterior of your home.

Just adding a new beautiful front door to the entrance can transform the look of the whole exterior completely. So, decide a design quickly and revamp your home appearance. You can even make your own customized design with the above ideas as there is no end and no rule for creativity. In case you are unable to find a particular front door design on the website, just contact the front door supplier in your area and communicate your requirements. You’ll surely get whatever you’re finding to have a charming entrance.