The 5 Design Ideas for Bifold Doors

3 min readFeb 4, 2021


As an extension or renovation project, bifold doors make a modern addition. They are made from series of panels and you can fold them in and out of space. The best part of bifold doors is you can install them both at external and internal locations of your house. You can customize them to fit a conservatory, kitchen space, dining room, or even a home office.

Bifold doors are a modern addition, but people are still using them with old and out-dated ideas. They are implementing the same techniques and not trying to bring newness with such an adaptive option.

To inspire you, we have listed 5 gorgeous ideas for bifold doors in this post.

You should use contrasting materials

When selecting bifold doors for your home, you should consider how they look from outside and inside of your house. Based on your consideration, you should select the material(s) for bifold doors.

Usually, homeowners choose one material bifold doors like aluminum. But you should change the trend and opt for contrasting materials. For example, a grey aluminum door will complement the natural wood paneling and brickwork on the exterior of the house.

You should connect different areas

With clever use of bifold doors, you can easily transform a house with a tricky and challenging layout. The corner of your garden which was unused for years can be used by installing bifold doors. You can connect this corner from your room and create a cozy place outdoor area.

You can even connect two indoor rooms using bifold doors and create a big room but with the utmost privacy in both sections.

You should opt for co-ordinated colors

As a key part of your internal design, you should select bifold doors with co-ordinated colors. Wherever you are installing the bifold doors, you should check the internal color scheme.

For example, aluminum bifold doors in anthracite grey will look great with a modern kitchen having the same grey tone in lighting, cupboard units, chairs, and a rug.

You should bring the outdoors in

Bifold doors with a sliding mechanism are a great option to bring the outdoors in. If your living space or kitchen is near a garden area, you should install bifold doors to connect them. It will allow natural light to flood in and you will enjoy nature from the comfort of your house.

To make it more interesting, you can put similar plants indoors that you have in your garden. It will blur the lines from outside in. Also, it will enhance the interior design of your house.

You should be sustainable

Aluminum bifold doors are strong and long-lasting but they won’t give a natural look to your house. If you love nature and wish to integrate eco-friendly options in your house, you should look for similar options.

Firstly, you should make sure enough natural light is flooding into your home. Next, you should get natural wooden framed bifold doors for brickwork and organic garden. Other than this, timber bifold doors are a great sustainable option.

Considering these 5 gorgeous design ideas for bifold doors, we are sure you will create magic in your home and leave others surprised.