Questions You Must Ask Potential Double Glazing Window Installers!!

3 min readJan 9, 2020

Finding a professional and reputed double glazing window installer whom you can completely trust and rely upon isn’t as difficult as you may think. All it requires is good research and a handful of questions. So, with this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some major questions that you may ask potential double glazing installers so that you can weed out the good installers from the bad ones.

The following are a few primary questions that you shouldn’t hesitate to ask:

1. What’s your background?

Finding out about the installer’s background will give you an insight into how honest and trustworthy they are. Plus, it will minimize the chance of dealing with a poor installer who only works to dig out money from their client’s pockets.

2. How many years of experience do you have in this business?

Generally, the more years of experience the installer has the more skilled and trained they will be. So, by knowing about their experience level, you can have a good idea of the quality of their overall service. Besides, if an installer has only been working for a few months, this makes their quality of installations harder to judge.

3. What accreditations do you possess?

One of the best ways of knowing whether or not your shortlisted installer complies with the industry standards is by looking at the certifications and accreditations they have acquired. This is beneficial because most of the accreditations need the highest standards of workmanship from an installer because they are generally offered by independent bodies.

4. What’s your cost for installation?

By having an estimate for the installation by your Double Glazing Window Installer you can avoid hefty bills later on in the future. Always keep in mind that reputed installers always give their customers an estimated price so they can plan accordingly.

5. Do you have customer feedback and testimonials?

Customer reviews and feedback speak volumes about the work quality of an installer, and therefore you must always ask to see testimonials for existing and previous clients. Get references and talk to each client to know about their overall experience. Ask if they were satisfied with the installer’s work or not?

6. Will you give post-installation services?

Finding out if your installer will fix the issue after installation is a very good way to protect yourself against any unforeseen costs. People who face issues after installation can often assume that installers will fix them free of charge, but in reality, many won’t do it. So, it’s better to ask about the aftercare services and if or not it is included in the price of the initial installations.

7. How long will the project take?

It’s an undeniable fact that a home improvement project such as window installations will certainly disturb your everyday schedule for a few hours or days. So, by finding out how long the work will take in advance, you can plan everything around this and lessen the overall disturbances to your schedule and property.

When making final decisions about your home improvements, it’s very beneficial to get all the facts and hence, considering these questions will surely help you choose the right installer