Choosing a Beautiful and Sturdy Residential Front Door

3 min readSep 11, 2017

A front door is probably called as one of the most distinctive features of a house. It plays an important role in promoting the look of your property’s exterior and puts a great impact on the first impressions of people who visit your house. It also promotes and enhances the overall enjoyment that your family has in and around your home. If your front door is damaged, old enough or unsightly, it should be replaced right now.

Entry door or front door must be sturdy and tough enough to withstand natural calamities, scorching sun, and definitely, it should be a barrier for intruders. Today, most of the front doors are older ones and made of wood. Wood and wood veneer doors get warped, cracked and delaminated after years of exposure to the exterior elements. When it comes to metal doors, they don’t last forever, either the surface gets peeled or some part of the door gets damaged through corrosion. So, door replacement is the only option to protect your house and bring that beautiful shine back to your property.

Identifying damage

Replacing a door is all about exchanging one door, but in some cases, you have to rip out the old door frame that includes door jambs and threshold. This is highly important if the wood members have begun to rot. Most of the new doors available in the market are pre hung, so you have to determine if you need a left or right-hand door. In most of the cases, people choose a door according to the side of their lockset.

In order to replace the entire frame, there is a need of door replacement kits. A professional residential door replacement service provider should be called to install the frame and door simultaneously in a professional way.

Front door material

Right from the starting, we have been discussing the front door installation. So, it’s all about a strong door that provides great security to your property. You can contact a door supplier ( to help you with a wooden door that matches your specifications. Perhaps, the most important thing is what your door is made of. Today, front doors Suppliers in Chigwell are beautifully designed by combining several materials, but the surface material is mostly important due to its appearance, security, durability, and cost.

Choosing wood doors

A common material of front door is wood. You can choose custom wood doors in cherry, walnut, oak, and mahogany. You can also opt maple, fir, and pine. While choosing pre finished wood doors, it is highly important to look for durable stains and clear finishes. You also have to be careful regarding detailing. A door is called a better door when there are more intricate carvings, moldings along with thicker, wider stiles and rails.

Installing a steel door

Usually, steel doors are a part of a prehung system. These doors are stronger than wood or fiberglass doors. They won’t crack or warp. A steel door system is nearly equal to the cost of a wood-door system.

However, you can also choose fiberglass-composite doors, and aluminum doors to have a thermal break and the penetration of cold/heat through the skin and frame.